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WilliamRumley's Profile Picture
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
Current Residence: Florida, U.S.
deviantWEAR sizing preference: M
Favorite genre of music: Anything but Country
Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Linux Mint 17, Ubuntu 14.04
Favorite cartoon character: Marvin the Martian
Personal Quote: "Creativity is building on what you know and love, and making it your own."
  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Listening to: Adagio, Alien 3 soundtrack
  • Reading: Too much into things.....
  • Watching: Icons
  • Playing: With a human interface device
  • Eating: My stomach
  • Drinking: Um...... yeah I should probably do that :/
Yep, all the cool kids are doing it. Anyway, here's mine. And I am a bit distracted, because SURPRISE I am working on art as I type this.......

Ok, first off, I've been here for 7 years. I signed up because some of my peers were really talking the place up. However, I really had nothing to post. Well ok, I did have some stuff. But it was pretty bad. You see, I'm a bit of a perfectionist........ at times. And I had just started working with something called DAZ Studio. I still do, but way back in Spring of 2007, I wasn't very good at that sort of thing.

This site, deviantArt, has brought a lot of drama to my door, a lot of happiness, and even quite a few paid commissions. My first post was something I made for a former in-law. It was a rendering of an angel, to honor and respect the death of my ex father-in-law. Yes, it's complicated, and I won't get into that right now. Anyway, it was also my first official print. I had that done at a local Wal-Mart, framed it and sent it to the family. I figured that it was worthy of posting:
In Loving Memory by WilliamRumley
Then, a few things happened. My ex wife died of an overdose. We had been divorced for a few years but we still talked to each other and still felt fairly close. I kinda saw it coming, but the death still really hurt. It was bad enough that I could not create. I spent a few weeks in a numb daze, but something in the back of my mind told me that I needed to start creating again. I call that voice my Muse. I actually have several of them. Don't worry, I'm not crazy  :XD:  I know they're manifestations of my own emotions and thoughts. Anyway, it was my main Muse, and her name is Felicia. There's an interesting story regarding her, but again, I won't get into it. But here she is:
Felicia's New Bikini 3 by WilliamRumley
Felicia pretty much told me to render her. What I did was not what you see above, and it certainly wasn't my best work but she was satisfied with the composition. And just to interject briefly, Felicia was my first official character, followed closely by my sweet Brandi. She isn't nearly as popular as many of my other dolls, but she's as special to me as Felicia is. You see, Felicia is a vampire, and Brandi is a vampire hunter who just happens to be half-vampire. It's a yin-yang sort of thing. Anyway......
A New Brandi Close-up by WilliamRumley
Felicia ordered me to create the cutest, prettiest doll I could imagine. So, I started on something inspired by Assassin's Creed, and I came up with this unintentional cutie. I say "unintentional" because I wanted to reserve the creation for something else. For some reason, something or someone guided my hands as I was fashioning what was supposed to be a fierce warrior. As I said on Facebook, she "went all cute on me":
Assassin by WilliamRumley
I posted a WIP of her beforehand, and I asked my Facebook friends what she should be named. I got a few promising names, but one friend said, "She should be named Luna, because she's pretty like the Moon and I love the Moon. Somehow that name just speaks to me". Well, I broke down. This beautiful doll was the result of the death of a loved-one; she was a part of the healing process. I had a nickname for my ex-wife. I used to call her my Sunshine. My Sunshine set in March of 2011, and oftentimes when the Sun sets, the Moon rises. It was perfect. Luna was born. Later on down the line, I revisited the WIP of her here:
Luna's New Portrait by WilliamRumley
Now, Luna may be my dearest doll, but she came with quite a bit of drama and controversy. The following piece is my most popular, and has actually destroyed friendships as well as whole DA groups:
Luna by WilliamRumley
This image is not only my most popular, but Luna is my most popular doll to date. This image also spurned some jealousy among peers. I was co-founder of a group early on, and the other two co-founders fought over whether this should be featured in the group. One loved it, the other thought it was "too cartoony" and "not realistic enough". Enough drama transpired and eventually the group folded and I lost friendships with both people. The seed was planted, though. My ex wife died in March of 2011, and in May of that year, I took a vacation and stayed with my best friend up in Rhode Island. I do it every year. Well, I was sitting on the idea of taking things further, to "go pro" as they say. I saw the potential in Luna, and I was already skilled in imagining realistic likenesses of many friends. I wanted to do this for a living. You know, "3-D stuff". Now, my best friend was pointing out a few flaws, and honestly there are flaws that I just cannot correct. But I remember downplaying what I was doing, and I said "Eh, it's not really art". He looked me straight in the eye, shook his finger at me, and said "NO! THAT is art!". I have never seen him react that way, and I've known him for nearly 40 years now. That day was a turning point in my life. Later that week, I was showing friends and family my work. Lots of people really liked it. A few weren't so hot about the idea. One of them happens to be my mother. But, Luna was gaining steam, and I figured it was time to improve my work and expand on it. And I wanted to start doing paid commissions.

I tried different things, and have had mixed reactions. Luna's sweet pic above was assaulted by some pedo comments. They made me physically ill. None of my dolls are under age. Then I had run-ins with more jealous peers, and a lot of drama went down. I didn't handle it like I should have; after all, I'm only Human. But I had a vision, and a goal. I tried my hand at a starship, and consequently got chirping crickets upon showing it to some of the groups I revered at the time:
To Boldly Go..... by WilliamRumley
One week, after a lucid dream and a fit of rage, I made a half-orc named Nenai Moonshield. Again, there was little interest in the character, probably because her skin was blue and not "natural":
Nenai Moonshield by WilliamRumley
Eventually, as my work got better and developed a tighter focus on toon dolls, the criticism died off, and I lost a few more "friends" who are peers, working in the same medium. You see, the Poser/DAZ community is full of drama, and if you're not making faeries or fantasy women with large swords, you eventually drop off the radar. I made another cutie, and again I asked people to name her. Eventually it was settled on Launa. Personally, I really don't like that name all that much, but a peer and friend asked if I could provide her morph as part of a collaboration. You see, this friend is a vendor at Renderosity and she felt that Launa would be perfect for a shy, sweet elf/fairy type character. I figured, what do I have to lose? So I became a content creator at Renderosity. Eventually, Launa gained enough confidence and she grew up. She's stunning now:
Lollipop Launa by WilliamRumley
I have a veritable ton of cute dolls now. Many of them are based on real people. I transitioned from creating the likenesses of real people, to going a step further and making those people toons. It's become really popular. In all, I have 21 current dolls. 21! And they've all become a part of my story. Hrmmmmm, I kinda left that out, didn't I? Yes, I have had an ongoing story, of sorts. It all started with Felicia. You see, I don't like television. I despise reality shows. I came up with a story about Felicia being the star of a reality show, where she "kidnaps" people and "chains them up" in her dungeon as "food". If they last a week, they win a lot of money. If they decide to just leave, they're rewarded with stuff like cruises, furniture, maybe a new car  :XD:  Felicia retired, though. So has Brandi. And with all these new dolls I have, I opened up a modeling agency in this parallel world of Felicia and Brandi, and my dolls are all doing contract work now. The things I despise have pretty much taken over my story and my world.Three Sisters by WilliamRumley
Luna and Bianca: BFFs by WilliamRumley
Valentines 2014: Tabitha and Julieann by WilliamRumley
Updating Mara Loft by WilliamRumley
On The Town Series, Part 5: Besties by WilliamRumley
But wait, there's more! I really have a ton of Deviations, but it just wouldn't be fair to talk about only myself. There are a few people I would like to mention.

:iconstarlightpainter: is a guy I have known for quite a few years now. I met him early in my 3-D journey. He was the first person to purchase a character of mine, has given me wonderful constructive criticism, and we've enjoyed each others' work for a very long time. His characters inspired me to push myself and eventually find my own style. His work is whimsical and incredibly soft. His rendering techniques have been a direct influence on my dolls and how I render them:
Working Late Tonight by starlightpainterZlata And Her Friends by starlightpainterKelly 002 by starlightpainter
And yes, he's also a photographer  :meow:

:iconrrward: is also a heavy influence on me. I don't recall ever speaking to him, I pretty much just lurk in the shadows and appreciate his dolls. I call my dolls sexy-cute, but this artist defines the term:
Be a gentleman by rrwardJust A LilBit by rrwardDebutante by rrward

:iconpsychara:, if you haven't guessed, has also been a huge influence on me and has inspired many a goth rendering. She's an alt model and I am enamored by her facial structure. While she has not inspired me to create my Brandi (I made that character a few years before I discovered Psychara), they almost look like they could be sisters. It helps that both of them can sport cute fangs  :love:  :iconpsychara: did inspire me to do a series featuring Brandi wearing some dreads:
No Entry by WilliamRumley
But here are some of my favorite pictures of her  :meow:
Your heart pounding in my head by PsycharaVamp by PsycharaGothic Elegance Psychara Collection jewelry 3 by Psychara

And I have to mention :iconxsakuyachan510x:  :la: :la: :la:
She's one of my biggest fans, and to date has ordered more commissions from me than everyone else combined  :giggle:  I've done a lot of images featuring tuner cars and cute girls. Brandi is her favorite, and here is my latest commission for her:
Ready To Roll Out by WilliamRumley
:iconxsakuyachan510x: does a lot of work in GMod  ^_^  I think her compositions are spot-on and she has a lot of cute girls to work with  :giggle:  Here's some of her work:
Bunny Mikuru Trapped! by xSakuyaChan510xLook Behind You! Poke!! by xSakuyaChan510xRins Evo VI by xSakuyaChan510x

I'm sure I am leaving some people out, but honestly there are a ton of people here whom I am following  :XD:  Everyone gets a warm hug from me  :iconplzhug:  If you feel left out, just shout at me in the comments  :D

But yeah, deviantArt has been quite an emotional journey for me, and has been my main outlet of my work for years now. Despite the drama in the past, the DA community deserves a round of applause and a big hug!
:iconplzhug: :iconclappingplz:


Character Generation with File
Tiffany WIP by WilliamRumley
Drew WIP by WilliamRumley
Bianca WIP by WilliamRumley
This is for the Poser/DAZ artist! Give me proper reference photos, and I will create a morph for you! I've already been commissioned for dozens of character morphs, of real people! I have extensive experience in V4 and M4, and am able to add the perfect blend of A4 and/or G4 morphs to shape what I am famous for: the toon hybrid. Generally, this takes me less than an hour. You will receive a PZ2 file compatible with both Poser and DAZ Studio, and a quick representation of the morph.
Basic Digital Image
Luna by WilliamRumley
Bianca Valentine Close-up by WilliamRumley
Stare..... by WilliamRumley
A basic image featuring one of my characters, with a simple backdrop or uncomplicated scene. You give me a general idea of what you would like, and I'll use my expertise to create something you will love  :heart:  I am best at cute, casual, and gothic, but can do fantasy and other genres as well.
Custom Digital Image
Brandi's Halloween Race by WilliamRumley
Sayaka by WilliamRumley
Call Of The Warrior by WilliamRumley
This type of commission is reserved for more specific requests, either for custom characters, particular scenes, composited pieces and the like. The cost does not include the character generation. Be as specific as possible, so that I can make the best piece of art for you that I can  :heart:

Who is your favorite character of mine? 

18 deviants said Luna:
6 deviants said Launa/Kaycee:
6 deviants said Someone else (comment ^_^)
5 deviants said Felicia:
4 deviants said Elvira/Nina:
3 deviants said Brandi:
1 deviant said Callie:
No deviants said Bianca:
No deviants said Mara:
No deviants said Helen/Tawny:

Can I play with madness?



A custom character will be $10. This is for the character only. Reference material is needed in the form of at least one clear front face shot to help in translating facial structure. A front and side shot is strongly suggested.

A basic image is $20. This will include one of my own characters in a basic setting.

A custom image is $30. Please be as specific as you can and I will let you know if I can do it. This price also applies to any finished image of a custom character.

A signed print of one of my completed works is $40. I will no longer ship frames, as I have had a few break on me during shipping.

Highly specialized requests will be worked out in private, as there may be additional costs.

Exclusive commissions will generally have an additional 100% markup imposed as compensation. However, this is not set in stone (e.g. book covers). Again, this will be worked out in private.

Absolutely no requests for signed prints of works containing content where I do not have a use license, such as my Vampirella and superhero images, will be accepted. Such pieces are considered to be fan art.

Paypal is preferred, but under certain circumstances I will accept other forms of payment.


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